Radiant Dance

This is a New and Unique Mind, Body and Soul workout class.  It combines Qigong and natural healing techniques with easy movement and fun, inspirational music.  It specifically works with the body's own natural energy flows, which are known about in many cultures and has various names including exceptional vessels, extraordinary vessels, radiant circuits, psychic circuits, strange flows etc.  

The Radiant Dance class is very informal and laughter, freedom of movement and individuality is encouraged!

Benefits include increasing your feel good endorphins and feeling of wellbeing as well as relieving stress and anxiety, increasing oxygen in the body and bringing a natural energy boost.

The movements of Radiant Dance are designed to help your body's energy systems to communicate harmoniously, and also balance the chakras and meridians.

All classes finish with a Guided Relaxation Meditation.


No experience needed to enjoy this class.  Energising, fun, grounding, calming all in one.  I love this class.   H.S.     Johnstone

Had a great time today at class.  Felt more relaxed and energised than I can remember.  Great fun!   L.E.    Erskine

The best hour of the week!

M.G.     Paisley