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Participant Reviews

From individuals and organisations

I have been attending Lulutlia's Tai Chi Qigong class for a few weeks now and although I am a beginner I have found a great difference in my stress levels and already feel an overall improvement in my sense of wellbeing.  I feel Lulutlia creates a relaxed and welcoming environment and I would have no hesitation in recommending her wonderful class.

C.G.  Elderslie Class

I had been looking for gentle exercise after an injury and I found more than I was looking for in Lulutlia's class.  She is very relaxed, patient and friendly which creates a great atmosphere.  I have found I am more supple and have gained techniques to cope with stress and anxiety.  Lulutlia is a great teacher and through her relaxation and meditation coaching I am gaining an inner feeling of wellbeing.  I would highly recommend her class.

Christine    PAISLEY

When I first started Qigong a year ago it was because I had chronic pain in my left leg due to muscle wastage and couldn't do any type of rigorous exercise and I was recommended to go to Lulutlia's classes.  I found the movements suited me as they were relaxing and I could do them to my own range of movement.  Within a few months I was able to reduce my pain medication and I feel much better now.  I recommend Lulutlia's classes to everyone.


I started Lulutlia's class over two years ago and it has been hugely beneficial for me.  It started as a means to reduce stress and I felt a difference right away.  Over time it has helped with pain in my muscles and joints.  I can definitely say that it has improved my condition both mentally and physically.  I'd recommend it to anyone.


Over the period of a year we had the privilege of having Lulutlia teach our residents Tai Chi Qigong and Meditation.  The comp,ex has many people of various abilities and a range of medical conditions.  All who attended found benefit not only from the gentle exercise of Tai Chi but also the wonderful meditations.  Lulutlia is always prompt, courteous, professional and more importantly, encouraging while considering each individuals abilities.  I would encourage any organisation to use the services of Lulutlia, not only for health benefits but for a positive mental attitude.

Tracey White, Warden at Langcraigs Court Paisley

For several years I have attended the Tai Chi and Meditation classes taught by Lulutlia as part of the Johnstone Seniors Forum which runs various activities throughout the year.  During that time, I personally, and our members have come away from the sessions more relaxed, less stressed and with a happier outlook.  Our records show that Lulutlia has provided these classes to hundreds of individuals, many recovering from illness, surgery and restricted movement.  We are delighted to have her as our teacher and friend.

Albert McBain. Johnstone Seniors Forum

To anyone who is looking for a class that is a bit different then Lulutlia's meditation class is for you.  I have  been attending her meditation groups / classes for a few years and I really love the experience.  Everyone is welcoming and friendly so you don't need someone to go with, you can just go on your own and meet new friends.  
The meditations are beautiful and relaxing and you always feel so much better afterwards and more able to cope with stress and anxiety and this effect stays with you throughout the week.  It is not an exaggeration to say it has changed my life.


It is hard to put into words how Qigong works, but it really does.  I had to have a triple by-pass after a heart attack in April and I was able to use the breathing techniques from our class to help me through it all to help me stay calm and stress free.  I am happy to say I am now back at my classes and feeling very well.


The Meditation groups are a space to step back from the world, from life and everything that is thrown at you and explore the spiritual side of our nature and being.  Lulutlia is able to provide a safe, loving environment for this to happen.  I always go home with peace, hope and calm in my soul.


I have been attending the Thursday class for some time now and absolutely love it and always look forward to it.  It is a lovely welcoming atmosphere and easy to make new friendships along the way.

Lulutlia is an accomplished Teacher.  She makes the class work accessible for all, while making it fun and deeply relaxing.

She has lovely cheerful disposition and makes the concepts easy to listen to and understand.


My friend and myself have been attending Lulutlia's classes for a while now and really love it.

We feel great after the class and recommend her to everyone.


I attend the Friday morning Radiant Dance and Wed Tai Chi class and really love these classes.  The Friday dance class is the highlight of my week.


I take several of Lulutlia's classes each week. I am 84 and I know that attending these classes has been instrumental in my continuing good health.  Whenever I get a check up at with my doctor, he always says 'It's working.  Keep doing what you're doing!'.

I love theses classes, over the past few years I have had many upsetting and traumatic events in my life and I wouldn't have coped without the balance and peace that the classes have brought me. My mind always seems clearer and I'm able to put things into perspective and see the positive and funny side of things.


The Radiant Dance class is a joy from start to finish.  The way that we work with Tai Chi and movement is fantastic.  Great music, Great fun, Great class.

L.E.  Bishopton

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